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Getting Started with

Login Name & Password
Before access can be given to any client, eTitleSearch requires a valid eTitleSearch login name & password. Just type your login name in the "Login Name" box, then proceed to the password field and type your assigned password in the password field and click the "Login" button. If you made a mistake, the login screen will appear again.

Install eTitleSearch Plug-in
A Windows Internet Explorer Plug-in is installed to your computer automatically during the first time you access eTitleSearch and any time Ultima releases an update of the eTitleSearch application. This is done just after eTitleSearch accepts your valid login name & password. A screen will appear and wait for the plug-in to be downloaded and installed. The install will ask you to "Accept" the download. Be sure to select "Always Trust" and "Yes". This process will take around 45 seconds to complete (DSL or better connection speed). Be sure NOT to exit your Internet Explorer, or stop this process while it is working.

Select Available County
The next step is to select the county or database that you would like to use. If your account only has access to one database/county, there will be only one item in your list. If you have completed a sign-up form for other databases, they will be displayed at this time. Select the database you would like to access and click the "Select County & Click Here >>>" button.

Congratulations, you are now ready to search. Your computer should now be displaying the different types of searching that can be performed for the county/database that you are currently accessing. The default for all counties is the "Name" tab. The name tab allows you to search using a name or even a group of names. Most all of our publishing databases use the "LastName"<comma><space>"FirstName" logic. For example: I am trying to perform a search for John Smith. You should type the name in as SMITH, JOHN. You can also use a "WildCard" to enhance your searching. The "%" sign is used for WildCard searching. For example: Using the same name that we were just using "John Smith", you can type the name SMITH, J%. The search results will display to you all of the names that are found in the database with the last name of "Smith", and all first names that start with the letter "J". You also have the ability to narrow your search by using the options within the search criteria. Additional search types are "Legal Description", "Book & Page", "Document Number" and "Property Address". An additional feature of eTitleSearch is our "Phone Book" search. The phone book search allows clients to get a list of names that can then be selected before performing a search. For example you can type SMITH, J% in the name search and click the "Phone Book" button. You will then be able to view all of the names that have been indexed in the selected database and select just the one(s) that you would like to search.

Display Documents
eTitleSearch also has the ability to view, print, save, email documents. Most all of our publishing databases have full images. You will also be able to select to download/view the "First Page, "First & Last Pages", "Selected Page" or "All Pages".

Additional Information
I hope that this information has been helpful in getting you started with our eTitleSearch product. If you have any additional questions about getting started, you can email our staff at